Reduce and Recycle Single Use Plastics

Did you know that plastics are the third-highest waste produced annually in the US? That made up to 35.4 million tons per year in the US alone! Sadly, the majority of these plastics are single-use plastics that are not recyclable and usually end up in landfills, rivers, and oceans. Follow these tips to ensure that what you put in the recycling bins can actually be recycled.

  • DO recycle plastic water bottles, clamshells (like berry containers) and microwavable food trays labeled with PET#1. Please remove the lids/caps. 
  • DO recycle plastic milk jugs and shampoo bottles label HDPE #2. Please remove the lids/caps. 
  • DON’T recycle plastic grocery bags. Try using reusable bags or paper bags when you go grocery shopping. 
  • DON’T recycle plastic delivery envelopes and delivery packages lined/padded with plastic bubble wrap. 
  • DON’T recycle plastic straws, juice pouches, and plastic coffee pods. 
  • DON’T recycle colorful plastic party cups, foam coffee cups, paper coffee cups, and lids. Bring your own reusable cup or bottle. 
  • DON’T recycle “to-go” plastic utensils. 
  • DON’T recycle RX bottles. Instead reuse them to store nails, buttons, etc. 

Note: Do not bag any of your recyclable waste, place in the bins loose.