Beverage containers with 5¢ deposit

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The deposit/refund system works when people take their empty containers back to the stores where those products are sold. Calmar has two redemption centers where you can get the 5¢ return. Find them in the Iowa Redemption Center Directory Donation bins at The Spectrum Network in Decorah. Keep an eye out for civic organizations doing can drives.


  • Iowa’s bottle bill deposit law covers all carbonated and alcoholic beverages
  • If beverage containers are not taken to a redemption center and simply recycled, the beverage distributor retains the 5¢ deposit. The recycling center sells the material for the current market price per pound.
  • The Freeport Recycling Center has a 24 hour bin for aluminum. Aluminum is worth a lot more when it is kept separate from other metals.
  • Learn more about the Iowa Bottle Bill on the DNR website.
  • The Iowa Recycling Association also has information about Iowa’s Bottle Bill.