Corrugated cardboard is not allowed in our landfill but there is a recycling bin available at the landfill entrance.

All boxes should be collapsed.

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Recycling bins are located throughout the county. View all recycling collection sites.


  • Cardboard that should be recycled includes: corrugated cardboard (shipping boxes, pizza boxes, packaging etc. including cardboard with vegetable oil or food remnants), cereal boxes or similar containers, brown paper sack or Kraft paper packaging.
  • REMOVE: styrofoam, plastic bags, other packaging
  • LEAVE ON: staples, tape, and labels
  • If you tear the cardboard and it is brown, put it in with the cardboard recycling.  If you tear it and it is white, and it NOT coated with shiny material put it in with the paper recycling.
  • Do NOT recycle:  milk cartons, juice cartons, or drink boxes, boxes or packages with wax coatings, cardboard contaminated with motor oil